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The Empire Demands: Pick a Side!

‘Before you study the economics, study the economists!’ e-Con e-News 23-29 October 2022 Cuba shot down a US U-2 spy plane flying over its airspace on 27 October 1962, at the peak of what the US media love to call ‘The Cuban Missile Crisis’ – 60 years ago. The US Navy also attacked a SovietContinue reading “The Empire Demands: Pick a Side!”

This Ocean called Indian: The Last Frontier?

blog: email: “Before you study the economics, study the economists!” e-Con e-News 11-17 April 2021 A US warship this week violated India’s claim to its ‘Exclusive Economic Zone’ in the Bay of Bengal. Then an Indian warship, rather than challenging the US intrusion, instead entered Colombo Port to wish us happy new year!Continue reading “This Ocean called Indian: The Last Frontier?”