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USA, Japan, & India Turn off the Lights

‘Before you study the economics, study the economists!’ e-Con e-News 16-22 January 2022 Anyone hear the vroom of 500 million US dollars being paid to the white banks, last Tuesday? No clicking cameras, no clamorous reporters on location. How’s it done? Just a touch of a key? Who sent it from here? Who received itContinue reading “USA, Japan, & India Turn off the Lights”

Steel is Rice & Rice is Steel

Please note the new address of our blog: “Before you study the economics, study the economists!” Steel is Rice & Rice is Steel e-Con e-News 29 March – 04 April 2020 “There are decades where nothing happens & weeks where decades happen…” (Guess who gave us this perfect epigram for these times? – seeContinue reading “Steel is Rice & Rice is Steel”