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Sex & the US Colony

‘Before you study the economics, study the economists!’ e-Con e-News 02-08 January 2022 Ceaseless as waves jostling the shores are the spectacular duels and diversions of the capitalist media. Their gloomy blue moaning, suppurating white foams, spit sprays of silvery verbiage crashing upon the Black rocks of our primordial recalcitrance, eroding the golden sands andContinue reading “Sex & the US Colony”

Monitor UN! Boycott Multinationals!

blog: email: “Before you study the economics, study the economists!” Monitor UN! Boycott Multinationals! e-Con e-News 21-27 March 2021 Social media, news, gossip columns are abuzz with stories about ministers robbing the treasury, trees being cut (FB photos show lorries with logs in Moratuva, as if that town never had a furniture industryContinue reading “Monitor UN! Boycott Multinationals!”

Human Rights, Tree Rights & White Rites

“Before you study the economics, study the economists!” Human Rights, Tree Rights & White Rites e-Con e-News 14-20 March 2021 ‘The last people I will listen to is a white face on this issue’ – Philippines’ Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr, thus discussed his country’s position on Myanmar.      Locsin fingers English perfidy in Myanmar,Continue reading “Human Rights, Tree Rights & White Rites”