UN, IMF, Budget…All of a Piece

‘Before you study the economics, study the economists!’ e-Con e-News 28 August – 03 September 2022 The current rage is to curse power cuts, politicians, and to spread despair, defeatism. So who will tell our children of the strivings to harness our own sources of energy? Of the luxurious exertions of the import-export merchants inContinue reading “UN, IMF, Budget…All of a Piece”

Blockading & Bluffing Sri Lanka

‘Before you study the economics, study the economists!’ e-Con e-News 07-13 August 2022 Q. Upon what system… does your Government surround a small rock in the middle of the sea with fortifications, and cram it full of clerks, soldiers, lawyers, and priests? A. Why, really, your Excellency, I am the last man in the worldContinue reading “Blockading & Bluffing Sri Lanka”

The IMF: Import Mafia Fundamentalists

“Before you study the economics, study the economists!” e-Con e-News 12-18 December 2021 The US has about 50% of the world’s wealth but only 6.3% of its population. This disparity is particularly great as between ourselves and the peoples of Asia… Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationshipsContinue reading “The IMF: Import Mafia Fundamentalists”

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