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The Elephant-Plantation Conflict

blog: email: ee archive: ‘Before you study the economics, study the economists!’ The Elephant-Plantation Conflict Central Bank Governor Exposes Economists & Media e-Con e-News 21-27 February 2021 ‘The elephant-people conflict is complex, and its history dates back to English colonialism. Most elephants lived in the montane forests, with only a minority livingContinue reading “The Elephant-Plantation Conflict”

Cool Marx on Sri Lanka “Before you study the economics, study the economists!” Cool Marx on Sri Lanka e-Con e-News 05-11 July 2020 “Some countries are more planned against than planning…” • Why Industrialize? • Historic Julie Hathai Mala Keliyai! • 1953 & 1956 • Rice Power “We do not want to industrialize for the sake of power. WeContinue reading “Cool Marx on Sri Lanka”